Hogarth Davies Lloyd has an excellent track record of successfully completing searches across a variety of sectors and areas.

Extensive global coverage of the diverse Commodities universe 

Since the inception of the dedicated Energy and Commodities Practice we have grown the business to partner with some of the leading international trading houses, hedge funds, investment banks and energy companies, advising them, and ultimately sourcing and placing some of the leading professionals from the commodities industry into their businesses.

Like in our other practice areas we typically work for a broad range yet small number of clients on a partnership basis.  This strategy intentionally reduces the risk of conflict and at the same time increases our ability to deliver on our objective to complete a thoroughly professional, comprehensive and successful search of any given market.

We have placed regional and product heads of sales and trading and moved whole teams, in addition to our regular placements of leading traders, originators, salespeople, bankers, structurers, analysts and strategists. Further, we strive to provide our clients with the highest calibre market intelligence and competitor analysis to enable them to make hiring decisions based on the fullest information and context.

Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following: